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What’s needed always?

Donations: Please click here if you are able to donate funds to support our work.

Volunteers: We try to find meaningful ways in which you can help us, given your interests and skills.  Come for a visit, eat some good food, get to know our youth leaders and we’ll see what interests you! info [at] gmail dot com

What’s needed now:

It’s year seven.  Thanks to multi-year grants from the USDA, and matching funds from the Blue and MacCready Family Foundations, we have expanded to three neighborhoods and are building a model for Youth-driven Local Food Sites.  Each site will grow to include all – cooking, nutrition and gardening classes, residential and community gardens, neighborhood compost programs, and Service Learning programs fostering entrepreneurial activities that allow high school students to earn money as they distribute local produce into their communities.  Among the three sites, we now employ seven youth from our programs to do what we envisioned from day one – let the kids take over the running of our programs!

Your donations are tax deductible and every donation helps.

  • $25 let’s us purchase a new chef’s knife so our kids can work like pros.
  • $75 provides healthy food for 50 people at our Youth Leader cooking demos and healthy food tasting community events.
  • 9,360.00 – what it costs to create a new position for a part time youth staff member

Root Down LA is a project of Community Partners, Inc. of Los Angeles, California.
A check for your tax-deductible contribution can be sent to:

“Community Partners FBO Root Down”
1000 N. Alameda Street, Suite 240, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
For more information on contributions please visit:

Online contributions are possible, though an additional fee is taken out of your donation when done online.

For more information, email us at info [AT] rootdownla dot org
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